Film "Life" thriller

He talks about a space expedition in search of of life on Mars. However, the form of life turns out to be very intelligent and threatening humanity. There are even nasty threads but still the film really pulls. The most unexpected ends with the fact that he is more interested and keeps the viewer uncertain. Me the movies were very well liked and recommend the cam to the resonance, I think that they are 9/10.

Film "Amok" Psychological thriller

It is a film based on real facts. Concerned about the writer, he published a book about the murder. Throughout the film a coptry to konw whether he is joking on a murderer or a victim of ambition. In my opinion this film is heavy but very interesting. He is touched a lot of threads but still keeps the viewer in uncertainty whether the hero is a killer. I think they will be interested in people who like this type of crime drama. I divided ten movies into 7/10 because I had too many different themes and I was in the whole movie.

About me

Hi, I'm Kasia. I'm 17 years old and I'm going to a technical collage. In this blog I will describe movies that are played in cinema. I will present my opinion and describe what it is. Movies will be different. I invite you to read.!:)